Guild Recruitment

6pm-11pm PST Mon thru Thurs
Anytime Fri thru Sunday

We raid Monday & Wednesday from 9pmPST - 12 am PST. Can you stay up that extra hour?

Raid experience in every expansion dating back to classic. This is a new account reroll for MoP.

MoP progression:

LOLFR - 16/16
MSV 25N - 6/6
HoF 25N - 3/6 with multiple sub 10% enrage timer wipes on Windlord

World of Logs available on request.

We are behind in progression compared to you. We just started raiding MV 10-man, but we are committed and serious about progression. I would term us as casually hardcore. We push hard for the limited time we raid.

25 man Alliance guilds preferred. Will consider 10 man and/or Horde guilds.

We are horde.

38 years old looking for mature environment. Not interested in elitism or douchebaggery.

Contact me on Real ID TRC2k11@gmail.com with your guild and server info to discuss.

This really caught my eye. The average age in our guild is about 35 and we have 4-5 members over 40. A main tenant of our guild charter is no elitism! We do not tolerate douchebaggery, but luckily we have not had anyone who has ever caused any drama.

Incoming guild spam:

Did you get a late start on this expansion? Do you have limited time to play, but still want to progress and see content? Do you primarily play later at night? Tempus Noobis just might be the guild for you. We were formed back in April and are now beginning to raid. We just started MV 10-man, so it's the perfect time to jump in and establish yourself as part of the raid team right from the start.

We are looking for a healer to join our raid team. We would prefer a Monk, Priest or Druid, but will also consider a Shaman or Paladin.

We can also use a tank, either a Paladin, DK or Warrior.

Some raid experience is desirable, but a positive attitude and willingness to learn is even more important. We are a mature and friendly group, so you should be as well.

Here is our info:

Realm: Kilrogg
Faction: Horde
Guild: Tempus Noobis
Raid nights: Monday & Wednesday
Raid times: 9:00pm - 12am PST
Format: 10-man
Website: www.tempusnoobis.guildlaunch.com

Post questions here, or on our website. You can also speak to me in game at: grimlock22#1169. You can also speak to any officer: Streig, Ezandra, Picipat, morphonya.
Requiem, Horde of Drenden server is a 25m guild. We raid Tues/Thurs 7pm-10pm pacific, and Sunday 6pm-10pm pacific.

Our progression is 2/6HM MV, 6/6 HoF normal, 4/4 Terrace normal.

We only have 6 healers total, 1 of them being a priest, as well as only one shadowpriest. With that said cloth spirit is hardly competed against. I am not an officer just browsing the forums trying to see if any promising players are interested.

If there's anything you'd like to know our web site is http://req.dkpsystem.com

Thanks for your time.

ÆNIMA a guild on Skywall-US and has been around since vanilla days and are a fun, friendly PVE oriented guild.

We are currently seeking excellent dps. We'd really like to start getting into heroic content, just need more bodies to help us accomplish that.

Current Raid Progression:
MV - 6/6 (10), 5/6 (25)
HOF - 5/6 (10)
TOS - 3/4 (10), 1/4 (25)

Raid times:
Monday: 6pm-9pm PST
Tuesday: 6pm-9pm PST
Wednesday: 6pm-9pm PST

For the most part we stick to those times, invites begin at 5:45 and we are pulling at 6.

If we are close on a boss we will stay later, but not typically past 9:30.

If you can make our times and want to speak more, add me to real id: plumwd#1834 or visit our site for more information http://www.myaenima.com

Very fun atmosphere very mature guild member ranging from 18-30's. We take progression seriously but also have fun doing it.

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