Do YOU want new PvP mounts?

Something that I've been wondering about lately.

Do you personally want them to introduce a Goblin Trike, Gilnean Horse, and Pandaren Turtle version of the black PvP mounts?

Personally, I think a Black Velvet sort of Gilnean Horse, a Purple Turtle w/ Black Shell, and a Black Trike would be amazing.

I remember them saying back in cata that new PvP mounts weren't added, as there wasn't a mount for the Alliance, but now I'm actually curious if they ever intend to start doing this again.

P.S. Posted in the bg forums, as it seemed most relevant. :P
I would want something cool for a PvP mount. Not the regular mounts or the current honor mounts. I like my frost wolf I got from AV back in the day. There should be a super hard to get epic mount quest or something. When you get 10k HK's then you get this super unique looking PvP mount that you can buy with 4k honor. I think that would be awesome.
I want pvp mounts that you have to buy three tokens for, and each token costs 4K honour. The ultimate honour sink. But they should be so awesome it's worth saving for.
Yes there should be new PvP mounts.
Alliance should get Robotic Orcs and Horde gets Robotic Humans. We shall ride on their shoulders and blend in with the BG BoTs.

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