Warrior tips please

Why do I like stinking overcooked noodles?
Am I doing the wrong burst?
I hit the same things as Veev's and Reckful
Sorry mate. I can't really be of any help unless you provide more details. Are you talking about PVP or PVE? What specific issues are you having?
I'm having issues in pvp I was wondering if you could look at my gear.
I only do da dmg when I pop avatar other than that I can't hit for ish
Because you probably made overcooked noodles.
You're one shot macro probably is malfunctioning/non-existent.
Well there's yer problem.
from what I've been told, for warriors in PvP we want to stack power over resilience.

I've been stacking power/strength/crit in my gear (ours are very similiar) and seem to have no trouble pulling the 50k+ crits outside of CS.

I'm no expert, but just something to consider trying.

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