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I may sound like a complete newb with these questions, but as a rogue I am a complete newb. I have tried every class in the game except a rogue and I thought it was time to finally try one. I got my toon to level 9 and will need to pick a spec soon, so I started reading a few sites. I cant decide between !@# and Sub, but a question.

Which of the two specs is more noob friendly to learn? I dont PvP, just never got it into it, so this would be PvE exclusively, mainly questing with a dungeon thrown in for good measure once in awhile.
Go combat. Spam SS + SnD and just throw blade flurry on for dungeons. Doesn't get any easier.
Holle says s/he is choosing between Mut and Sub, and you say Combat? Geez.

We've got a leveling sticky at the top of this forum ( http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1083749119 ) that should be able to guide you through most of the basics, Holle. But both of the specs you mentioned -- and heck, Combat too, why not -- are pretty similar in terms of the number of buttons to press and the number of things you need to learn about how the spec functions.

Between Mut and Sub in particular, IMO the main difference is weapon flexibility. Mut is the only one of the three specs for which, while you're leveling, you *must* use an +agility dagger in your main hand. The other specs are more flexible in terms of +agility weapons in the main hand: Sub can use basically anything, and although Combat works best with a sword/mace/fist/axe, you can get by with a dagger if you have to while you're leveling.
At low levels it doesn't matter. Sub generally speaking is better for survivability, and locking down difficult mobs. even if vanish is down you can still dance/cheap shot/garrote and run away.

For pack mobs combat with its cleave and Killing Spree is better than sub. Also, wep choice (drops/quests) for combat is generally better than for mut/sub.

Never liked mut.
I cant decide between !@# and Sub

^ Reason people use "mut" instead ;)
Well when all i can see is Sub and a jumble of meaningless icons i'm just gonna give my two cents.

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