Neolutum (4/16H) open recruiting

(last updated 12/24)

We're an excellent progression raiding guild looking for excellent progression raiders. We have a lot of fun and keep pushing for new content. For our raiders we provide the following.

- All consumables (except for flasks, though that's coming)
- All enchants/gems/inscriptions/armor kits, repairs, and craftable gear.
- Mumble, forums, scheduling, and EPGP (for our 25 man raid only).

We're currently considering all eligible applicants whether individuals or groups or even raids. Our current raids run W/Th 7-11 and T/W/Th 7-10. Experience, gear, attendance and attitude are key. We're a progression raiding guild and expect like-minded players with heroic raiding experience. Either fill out an application at or contact Nosis, Vistol, Morim, or Doublebull online. Thanks for you time.
Bump for some good peeps
Guys, monday is Cruxxy's birthday!
Happy upcoming bday Cruxxy!
Need some more cuties.
Changed requirements a bit. Need a shield tank or solid healer. Still looking for the third raid as well.
Bump for Cruxxy :D

Oh and it's good to see you guys raiding again :)
Bump for raiding
Bump for Raiding II
And again
Bump for good people.
this week was great for guild. we ended up going 3/6h with a bunch of peeps without much trouble and had a 0% elegon wipe after attempting these fights only one other night. back on the rise, hope to get more apps.


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