You have in game music turned OFF!?!?

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I listen to the News hour webcast ob pbs while I do my dailies. Lets me play and be informed at the same time. That's one thing that wow does really well, it lets you tab in and out and listen to different things. It is so hard to play swtor like this because your game reloads after you tab and EVERYTHING is a audio conversation.
Certain areas I always have the music on: ICC, Ulduar, Storm Peaks, Culling of Strat, the haunting sounds of Duskwood are a few of them.

However, I do at times listen to other music depending on where I am an what I'm doing. If I'm in vent in a raid I'll have it turned way down so it doesn't interfere with vent.

That being said I listen to a lot of music outside of the game, such as when I read or quilt (yes I quilt and no I'm not an old lady) just because some of it is so good.
I loop the music and love to hear that others are making the choice to keep it on while playing. I know the composers love to hear that too. They work very hard to make it as epic as possible while still integrating it as seamlessly as possible into the environments.

BTW, if you missed it on the front page, The Instance did an interview with Russell Brower about the Mists of Pandaria music and more. You can listen to it [url=""]here[/url].

Relay my best to the composers. I've always loved the scores in WoW and heartily enjoy them to this day. In fact, the music in MoP is the best so far. I only ever turn it off when I'm doing something notably repetitive... like farming the Insane... or when I'm trying to "numb" the experience... such as a lot of PvP.

Oh, and please let them know that I still get choked up whenever I fly into the Howling Fjord (or get on a Northrend zeppelin) and hear those bagpipes swell. So much emotion... gah!
Screw in game music, id prefere to be able to hear my friends talk on vent, loud and clear

been off since naxx days....when i joined
I only listen to the music when leveling up in a new expansion. I get a good fill of all the instances and zones music. Then I turn it off to listen to my own music. :)
I have a slightly different take. I mostly love the music in wow. It's great. I usually have the music enabled.... for the first week or two of an expansion... Then it's off. If I know a cutscene or story segment is coming, I'll turn it back on. I do this mostly BECAUSE I like the music so much... I don't want to wear it down and then not want to listen to it anymore. Especially the Mists music... I have the soundtrack and I do listen to it from time to time. To me, listening to music is a very active thing. I really get in to it and I kind of don't like to use it as background moise. I usually play WoW with podcasts in the background.

I don't do this with other games, usually because it's part of an experience that doesn't last up to two years listening to the same exact music.
I think this is the first expansion where I'll be traveling somewhere and suddenly I hear one of my favorite of the soundtracks in game and I'll just stop for a moment or two just to listen to it before I have to leave the area it's in.
I guess I'm one of those people who do keep it off. Part of it is the fact that especially during raiding, it gets....distracting while your trying to listen to what people are saying in Vent/Mumble. I do turn it on every-so-often when I'm questing (particularly during major cut scenes for the voice acting). But generally I do turn off sound while playing.
OK, I know I'm probably going to get trolled for this, but I have to vent.

I was in a party earlier with two very nice people, waiting for the rares to spawn in the alliance base in the new quest hubs. I randomly said, "who here thinks the music in the horde area is bad azz?". To which the DK replied, "I don't have music turned on". She explained she listens to Pandora or other music. This is fine! It's that person's choice to do that and there is nothing wrong with it, but come ON people! You are missing out on a HUGE part of the experience!!
I guess I'm just more of an RPG buff then most people, but for those people that have played Final Fantasy 7 for the playstation way back then, you'll know what I'm talking about. It's like that moment where you finally reached Sephiroth and you want to kick his !@#, then all of a sudden this super awesome music kicks in and now you are way more psyched to kick his $%^ now! That's the kind of experience I'm talking about.

You can't fully enjoy this game unless you have the music turned ON!

There are those exceptions, I know, when you are flying around for 4 hours mining in the same area and you want to hear something different. I understand, I've been there, done that.

Blizzard, the music in this game is so epic and awesome, please continue to do such a great job with it. You make the whole rest of the experience worth while.

i used to have the game music on. all the time. wrath was some of the best in-game music i have ever heard.

then pandaland happened. when i first heard that gawdawful screeching garbage they tried to pass off as music, i turned it off. and it will stay off whenever i am in pandaland!
I have Amusia; music has little to no effect for me in video games, movies, ect.

I have trained responses. I idenfity the different sounds play during parts of the movie that are to be 'scary' or 'romantic', so I know what I'm sapouse to be feeling from the music, but the sound itself does nothing for me.

Never purchased a song, cd, mp3, ect. (Or Illegally downloaded :P). Music does nothing for me.

I have still enjoyed movies and games, and I am just about as obsessed with some games, namely Chrono Trigger, as anyone else. I don't think its fair to say you can't enjoy the a game to the fullest if you can't hear the music. I think the better way to say this is "You can't experience my interpretation of the game without music"
I rarely turn on the music because... sometimes the music wants me to be having a really epic experience, and at that moment, I'm not. Take for example, the grand epic drumming when you fly into Org. Maybe the first time a new player enters Org, it feels epic, but the 100th time? The 1000th time? Nothing epic is going on here for me, I'm just heading into town. I don't need the music telling me some epic stuff is about to go down, when all I'm actually going to do is buy some runecloth. It's jarring and distracting.

Infinitely better music to play while gaming.

I counter your terrible Japanese pop with infinitely better and more suitable music.

That playlist contains no Jpop, it is mainly battle music from japanese games. Here is some Jpop to give you an idea of what it actually is

I counter your terrible Japanese pop with infinitely better and more suitable music.

That playlist contains no Jpop, it is mainly battle music from japanese games. Here is some Jpop to give you an idea of what it actually is

Eh, I can understand why they consider it Jpop, it is similar. Battle music in JRPGs is usually closer to Jrock that Jpop though, or it's own little genre in between the two.
Music = Off. I have far better stuff on my hard drive.

I usually have no music, as I am often on vent. I do have two sound cards, vent goes through one, game sound through another. But the music gets annoying very, very quickly. Sorry, not to my taste.

I do play with sound on, just not music. And yes, I've listened to it, and tried it. Was more annoying than anything else.

And no, I'm not missing anything I''d care about. I've never cared much for wow's music (aside from a few places, Orgrimmar, stranglethorn for instance). I'd much rather listen to some Cruxshadows, Birthday Massacre, or Abney Park while playing.
Depends on what I'm doing. Recently, I toyed with turning off sound effects only while doing my dailies and I've found it quite relaxing, as the music this xpac seems to be pretty enjoyable for the most part.

When I level fishing on my toons however, I usually turn off all sounds, music, and UI elements (alt-z) and put on some other music to help me keep my sanity and eliminate distractions.
I haven't had the volume turned on in this game since Ulduar came out. I blame XT Deconstructor- first time I ever heard him, I could not stop laughing and kept wiping the raid due to this. Finally had to turn all the sounds off to sanely play.

Every once in a blue moon I turn the volume on again.
The music is essential to my experience.

The music in-game is top notch, excellent.
Gunship, Sindragosa, Storm Peaks, Thunder Bluff, Nightsong, Pet Battles, I'm forgetting so much more.
TBH, I haven't had game sound on outside of settings being reset since Vanilla. If I really want to hear something going on (cutscenes and whatnot) I'll exit out, drop and grab the quest again with sound on, then immediately turn it back off.

I really just don't enjoy it. I'd much rather listen to my Winamp in the background.
I turn it on sometimes, and always loop it when I do, but I typically play with the sound completely off. Often because I'm watching a movie or show on the other screen, am playing another game simultaneously, or have multiple accounts running at the same time.

The music is awesome though, and occasionally I've found myself listening to the soundtracks on iTunes while I have the game's sound turned off. >.<

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