Challenge Mode 101: Making a New Friend

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Hello! I Challenge everyone who reads this post to make a new friend on this thread..

I would like to make new friends in different servers. I'm a nice and helpful person who always willing to help a fellow friend out. I'm been playing WoW since '05 and I love the game. Alot of my friends in Cata and MoP have quit. I love to do both PvP and Raids! If you would like to know more add me in game @krisj#1325!

I am looking for a companion for roleplay and leveling to 90, I am on Moonguard and not looking for low level characters. Please be at least 85 and some type of tank or at least able to defend your healer. I like to take my time and explore the various quests and develop the story. If you are in a big rush please do not even bother.

I am available afternoons through early evening Pacific time. Apply in game and let me know what kind of character you have and if you are interested we can set up a meeting. In game mail is fine to let me know a good time and place to meet.
Unless you arelooking for an rp friend this is not the forum for just friends, I suggest you ask in your realm forum.
sup all

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