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I just completed the gathering of the "160 meaty bits" from a Kun-Lai Summit quest, but got an overage of 14 pieces. I went to toss the extra from my bags and got a confirmation warning but too late did I realize that tossing the overage would remove ALL of that quest's items AND remove the quest! This is not how it used to be/should be.

Make it not do that.

Turn in the quest first. That's like standard operating procedure. Then dump the extras (usually the quest will clean up the bag for you).

Silly hunter!
Point taken, but it never used to do this. Learned my lesson there!
lol I had this happen to me on a different quest a couple of days ago. I was so sure I had turned in the quest, only to find some items left over, dumped them and lost the quest. :P Back to square one... lol
happened to me with extra buckets from the daily where you put out fires in mistfall village. I had put them out and had 2 buckets left over, when i dumped the buckets i accidentally dumped the quest :'(
I too did this once recently, and yes, it shouldn't do that. I mean collecting items is one thing, but I had extra fireworks after I shot down all the copters (Choppertunity), and the copter-kills had all been tallied. WHY WOULD I NEED TO KEEP THE EXTRA FIREWORKS, when the task is done and there is no other purpose for the fireworks!?
Why on earth is it so critical to delete the extras -before- turning in the quest? D:

It's not like the quest hubs are in different zones, or even very far away in the same zone.

Trust me, I get that it takes up space in the bags. I'm sadly balancing a whopping 11 slots right now because of transmog and engineering, as well as cooking mats and all the rest, but quest items are hands off until that quest is turned in. :)

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