487 enh LF serious progression

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Looking for a stable serious raiding guild on horde pref.
can make pretty much any raid times, I'm 16/16 reg and 3/16 Heroic with exp on Blade master/spirit kings and elegon HM.
whisper me in game
<Mythic> is a progression oriented guild on Lightning's Blade. We are currently 16/16N and 2/16H. If you are looking for a friendly but competitive environment while being able to push content and maintain a focused goal, Mythic is the guild for you.
Our guild was formed with a core of 6 people and are currently looking to find the perfect member for our guild. If you are a reliable, competitive raider who is ambitious and determined to be the very best of your respective role, then you'll fit in perfectly in <Mythic>.
We are currently recruiting for core raiding spots in MoP. During progression we raid Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday 8-11:30 PM EST. While it may seem we have high standards for such a less-progressed guild, we do feel like one player can break a raid all-together in 10man scenarios, which is why we are confident in rising to a top 100 US guild once our roster is complete, our current core prides themselves on competing with the very best of their classes and coming out on top. All of us have experience in end-game content. Some achievements accomplished by our individual members are the following:
US 31st H:Rag
Realm First Ragnaros
Realm First Nefarian
Realm First Sinestra
Realm First Cho'gall.

It should also be noted that the majority of our progression so far has been done with either a pug from trade or a friends alt. We are just looking for one more skilled player to complete our roster to start the harder heroics. If you are interested, visit our website at www.mythiclb.com or you can contact me on battletag at Dev#1763
tls.wowstead.com johann_shockency@yahoo.com

We are always recruiting high end players that, back up their experience with their performance. I would enjoy hearing back from you via real id or feel free to just throw up and application.

<The Late Shift> We are currently 4/6heroic MV 16/16 normal 25m, We are a premier late nigh 25m guild.

We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs from 11:45pm-3:30am EST.

If you are interested, please contact me via realID at johann_shockency@yahoo.com, or post an application at tls.wowstead.com.

Good luck, hope to hear from you soon!

If you see someone of late night raiding post this on there forum post,

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Please read to below if you are looking for a solid 25man guild, "semi-hardcore" with a casual schedule.

I will try keep this to the short, to the point. <Shard> is a stable 5-year old, 25man progression orientated horde guild on the US server Azjol-Nerub. Our leadership is strong and focused. Our members consist of working adults and students. We have fun in raids, but know when to focus. Our goal is to kill our content normal/heroic while it is current, and to have fun while doing so.

If you want a longer post about the history and details about <Shard> check out this post...

Currently we are 2/6H MV 25man and 6/6N HoF. Ranked #193 US25

We plan on picking up the pace even more and increasing our US ranking. To do this we need to recruit certain classes and an enhance would be freakin' amazing. We have zero enhance shams. This would be a core spot.

Wed/Thurs/Sund 730-10pm MST. Invites go out 15 minutes before the raid. We are active on all offnights. Alt 10man raids for fun, BG/RBG, 5man arena, Gold challenge modes ect ect ect...we always have something fun going on. Or even just hanging out on TeamSpeak.

Also we are a very community based guild. In the past we have hosted DMF/Gurubashi arena tournaments. The winner of which would win a carry in a raid (IE 8/8H clear in DS when it was at total farm status). About a hundred or so would show up, was awesome.

If you would like to chat hit me up in-game @ Thatius #1579.

Please fill out your an application to let our members get to know you a bit before joining our team...we want to be personal of course since you are applying to a raiding home :) www.ShardGuild.com

I hope to hear from you soon!


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