ICC 10 Normal Sindragosa gauntlet despawning

Bug Report
After several attempts, we could not complete the spider gauntlet while attempting to get to Sindragosa. With myself and a 90 Death Knight, we would get one or two waves of spiders, AOE them down, and they would simply despawn. Without being able to complete the gauntlet, we could not progress to Sindragosa.
Had the same issue. In a cross-realm raid with my friend's Monk, we managed to kill about 1 wave and then the whole event phases out....spiders disappear, and everything resets. We walked out, reset the raid, did nothing to solve this issue.
Same thing happened to us tonight. 10 man normal ICC, cross realm, 1 hunter, 1 shaman, 1 rogue. Nothing we did resolved it. Even disbanded the cross-realm part, no go.
I had a similar issue in many old raids of things just despawning or doors not opening after I killed a boss, etc (of note, I touch of death'd the Big Bad Wolf in Karazhan and locked myself on the stage because the doors wouldn't open, I had to hearth out). A GM told me that older instances tend to freak out if you kill things too fast, so if that was the case, try killing them more slowly?
A friend and I tried just auto attacking the spiders and that almost worked until she got antsy at the end and use a few abilities, then they despawned. But every auto attack after that ended fast as they despawned on the first wave.
My friend and I tried this several times today with no luck. Same issue the spiders just despawn after about 20 seconds of fighting. Didn't matter if we tried autoattacking, not attacking at all, etc. Nice to have spent the last 2 hours for nothing thanks to a game bug.
Had same issue yesterday, thought I needed to clear rest of bossess (been a long time since I cleared LK), came back with a couple other friends and had same issue. I read this post and a few other forum posts (other sites) and confirmed I wasn't crazy and this is BuGGED.

Some other people suggest the los may be issue, and other things... decided to slow roll it solo with my Monk Heals. Went around the room 'tagging' every BIG Spider, and really painfully slowed rolled each of the three waves of adds.

Was successful first try (may just been lucky RNG, as I can't repeat test/strategy till next week), but thought I would post that a really slow roll of the trash waves, with constant touch to the big guys worked for me. My limited attempts indicate to me that killing too fast will reset the event.

Once completed, its done for the week, and the teleporter and elevator to Sindragosa are up.

Another post I read stated occasionally the elevator (it is right before the Dream walker fight) unlocks without the spider trash room completed. If so you can skip the spider trash and go to Sindragosa directly. Only minor downside is the Teleporter to Sindragosa will not activate and if you should wipe, its a longer runback.

These are a collection of things from other posts and sites, thanks to those who posted on this topic.

Best of luck
Just happened to me repeatedly today.
After several failed attempts my husband and I (90 boomkin and hunter) found that it worked as long as you kept everything in combat. Just make sure you keep tagging / dotting everything and constantly fighting it. It didn't matter that we were killing things fast or AoE'ing, it worked and we were able to pass this gauntlet as long as we kept everything fighting us and tagged everything.
This response is right on. We got stuck here, and the spiders kept fading off. We just slowed it down and tagged them with low hit AoE's and we got through it fine. Thank you for the in depth reply, we were quite stumped!
Just throwing this out there but what worked for is to NOT be in a crossrealm party and to keep moving during the gauntlet and killing !@#$ while moving. All other attemps failed miserably but when I did that it worked.
This is happening for me and a friend 2 manning ICC 25, spiders keep despawning after a few seconds. We tried the constant movement technique without success. We're both from the same realm.

Found out the best solution was Amalae's the mobs had to be hit as soon as possible to make sure they didn't despawn.
Just did this with my bro, the other are right, all you have to do is AoE your !@# off and tag everything in the room as it comes in, but mainly keep having your damage hit the main targets from the wave. Just AoE tag them all, mad easy in first wave if you have a ranged to hit spiders as they come down the walls. Good luck everyone!
Despawned on us a number of times, we noticed that one of our ranged DPS was stepping close to the outer wall, outside the ring, when we all stayed in the very middle, we had several waves and the door opened.
i tried the keep moving and it worked thanks
Can we fix this bug? K thanks. Bye
To get past this part, some one need to be at the side door (one of the 2 that dont open). thats what we did to get past.
This is a bug that has plagued ICC for some time now but it is easily over come.

You simply have to make sure all the major trash ( meaning the valkyries and larger spider undeads) are all in the pull before the first few major trash go down.

This is not an issue on the valks as they all run to the middle of the room but the spiders only run in to about a 10 yard distance from the center.

At the level and gear strength that we are right now you will need to run around AOE and pull all of the mobs.

To me it appears as if "the gauntlet" assumes when all the adds do not get in to combat and a couple are killed the end of combat is triggered and the gauntlet thinks the group has wiped as all the adds are not dead.

This is however just a theory.

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