Transferring to tich horde

Is the horde side of tich a good pvp server/a good server in general to transfer to? TRansferring from darkspear alli.
you'll need good gear/arena xp to do ANYTHING
I was also thinking of transferring to this server, Shattered Hand simply isn't what it used to be 5-6 years ago.

Irisveil, is it a numbers issue?
As an alliance player playing on Tich, I can honestly say, that the horde on this realm are dying out. There are less and less horde on this realm and horde economy sucks. However, the few remaining horde characters all tend to be pretty good in PvP.

OP, you'll get better results transferring to alli Tich. We've got a generally good economy, major cities such as SW and Temple are always booming, and our groups are pretty kickass
blackrock horde > tich horde
12/03/2012 09:43 PMPosted by Phohammr
blackrock horde > tich horde

only because there are 0 allis on blackrock

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