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OK, so I want to be able to do shruiken toss at my main target, and deadly throw at my focus target using the same key with a modifier but I don't know how to make macros. Where do I begin?

I want it to work like this:

v = Shuriken Toss
Shift+V = Deadly Throw at my focus target
/use [mod:shift,@focus]Deadly Throw;Shuriken Toss
thank you so much
Also i think you need to release shift+v from standard wow keybindings. I think shift+v does something with nameplates.
I don't use the wow nameplates. just clutter my screen.

Is there a way to add in Redirect in sequence before deadly throw?

So v = shuriken toss
Shift+v = @focus Redirect then Deadly Throw
/castsequence [mod:shift,@focus] Redirect, Deadly Throw;Shuriken Toss

Press twice for the redirect and deadly throw.
It doesn't matter whether you use wow nameplates. If shift+V is already bound by default, then you have to go into blizz keybinds and unbind it before your macro will work.
Thanks again. I unbound that key loooong ago =)

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