Huntsman Blake Dailies still bugged

Bug Report
It still does not give you the option to summon the final boss during these quest chains. It has been bugged for 3 days now. This is on Proudmoore, btw.
Same here on Frostmourne! So frustrating.
Same for Turaylon
same on venture co.
So annoying that by the time is fixed ill be 2000-3000 rep behind and I'm sure we wont get it restored.
Is there a trapped animal in the cages? You should be able to look in the various cages to see if an animal is in any of them. Anyone can release them, and the boss mobs are multi-tap with the quest pushed at the end, so others can "use" your mob.

IE You turn the quest in, now there's an animal caged. Someone else can talk to Huntsman Blake and summon the mob and start fighting it. It's entirely possible the caged animals have been killed by someone else.

You can use someone else's whenever it gets done again in this case.

If there IS an animal visible and you still don't have a gossip option, please provide SS and more information!

I have personally gone and completed 2/3 of the collection dailys while a friend did the 3rd to see if it was just one of the animals but none of them work.
Yeah this bug just hit Kargath today.

Probably screwed up by the patch.
Yeah this bug just hit Kargath today.

Probably screwed up by the patch.

Can conirm both the Viceclaw and Crane were visible in cages on Kargath and no dice.
Any other servers having this issue? Turalyon's has been since thursday unfortunately.
Arygos seems to be having this issue as well. I haven't been able to release them since the first day, while doing at least 1 of the dailies every day. Also all animals were in the cages when I tried talking to Huntsman.
Sucks that we keep falling further and further behind in rep with each day.
Still bugged today I assume?
Still bugged on Kargath. Screenshot from yesterday:
This is the worst thing ever.
If you already killed one of the bosses on that day. You won't be able to summon him. Other than that, if you see an animal in a cage.... there isn't currently a fight going on.... and you haven't completed a quest to kill one of the bosses yet. You should be able to summon him i'm pretty sure.
Also, a relog always helps.
still bugged on kargath. No response from a blue that this issue even exists either.
Bugged on Korialstrasz. Two guildies and I each tried to have Huntsman Blake open the cage after turning in the Beastmaster's Quarry: The Crab quest. There's no dialogue option when you speak to him to open the crab cage. Random druid came by while we were trying to get the crab cage to open and it wouldn't give him the option to open it after turning in the quest either.

All of the animals are in their cages and I've been standing here for a half an hour and no one has been able to fight any of them so I'm pretty sure its not an isolated incident.
A blue response would be great letting us know they are at least aware of it. Sucks to read interviews about the new 5.1 stuff and they discuss how the daily beast quest is a great success.

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