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Sacred Geometry defines wards as a concept. Selective placement of concentric rings assigned in a repeated stratafied system, in order to acomplish a layered system of recoverey and protection. Basic naturalistic masonic concepts are incorporated in many forms of archatecture that accuretly illustrate these concepts to this day. Many cultures express a related concept.

In relation to situations of spiritual development, it is important to understand that other cultures historically favored spiritual strength over other kinds of strength that could exist. For this reason, People in the past inhereted advancement beyond what many people consider common place today. The ancient schools dedicated to swordsmenship are a good example of that kind of history.

The sword in its most basic concept relates to knowledge of energy through time. Those basic concepts of the natural cycles of our world, where related to people in ancient times just as today. Concepts of the loss of innocence, through the dream, are as much a spiritual problem as what it opens the door to. Despite conflicting views of the schools of swordsmenship, it is important to understand the concept of warfare, and conduct once defined judgement. The accusation of swordsmen turning to reaping in the workers field, was once conviction against the human spirit, the part that dose not pass from our world.
Ummm...just what the heck is this? I have no idea what you are trying to do?
this is the same guy who was posting these weird things on the story forum

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