[H]<Ignis Aurum Probat> 25m Weekends (1/13H)

Moar Weekends
Movin' on up
To the Horde Side
Spirit Kings 25H down!
I have been raiding since Wrath Heroic end content including this last expansion HDS.
I have completed most all the heroic raids to the end bosses. My guilds then kept losing people,people would not show or guild would break up. Same is now in my present guild. I am 4/6HMSV, 6/6 HoF,4/4 ToES. Blood/ Frost- 495/498. I am looking for a progression guild into 5.2 that raids any day around 7p to no later than midnight est. I also have a Resto/Kitty Druid ilvl 490/492 friend that is excellent healer and dps that will come with me.
Pst to Deathstrikke@aol.com or ingame pst.
Bumping to thank Deathstrikke for his post!

PS Definitely come to the site and fill out an app. 5.2 drops this week!
It's snowing!
Bah, the snow isn't even sticking to the ground
Back to work!
Moar Bump
Good job going 5/12 guys :D
Still looking for exceptional players
6/12N in 25m.
In need of a Shadow Priest?

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