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I am looking for an adult casual raiding guild 10 or 25m on the horde. I have been playing since a couple of months after the game released and i have raided with one character or another since MC and in all expansions. I am currently not on the server but would be willing to transfer. If i transfer, i will be bringing 3-4 characters with me.

-90 rogue (current main) (LW/skinning)
-90 shaman (resto main, enh OS) (inscription/herb)
-90 DK (blood main, frost OS) (BS, mining)
I can pick from a 90 pally, 90 monk, 87 hunter, 87 druid, 86 warrior, 86 lock, 85 mage and an 80 priest.

I would prefer to keep my rogue at this time as my main, but enjoy my DK, shaman and warrior almost as much. Thanks for taking the time to look over this.

Also a friend may be moving servers with me as well. he plays a 90 druid (feral main, resto OS).

Battletag - Rathekrel#1527

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