3/6hm MSV 493 rogue LF 25m

Area 52
Just xfered here looking for a 25man mainly drop me a note in game.

I know i could go though an put up 5-6 apps but i would rather talk to a few people an get a feel for a good fit.

About us:

Name: <Solace>
Faction: Horde
Server: US Boulderfist (PST-PVP-Cyclone)
Type: 25
Raid Days & Times: - Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday 8p.m. - 11p.m. ( PST- Server time)
Loot type: EPGP
Progression: 6/6 MSV 6/6 HOF 3/4 Terrace 3/16 Heroic
Website: www.solace-guild.net

Who are we?

We are <Solace> ( formerly Stasis for all of Cata) and currently recruiting for our 25 man roster for MOP. Solace has been an active, mature 25 man raiding guild on Boulderfist for 2.5 years. We are looking to expand our roster for Mists. We are looking for Reliable, Dedicated, and skilled raiders to move into MOP with. We have a mature relaxed raiding atmosphere, and are looking for other like minded raiders who can raid well above the rest, while still maintaining that atmosphere. If you are interested in joining this amazing team please keep reading below

What can we offer you?

<Solace> can offer you a short, productive raid week of only 9 hours. A relaxed, fun, and welcoming environment. With most guild members in their 20's and 30's we understand having a life, family, career, and hobbies all while gaming in a competitive guild as well. For raids, all food, and flasks are provided by the guild bank as well as enchants, and gems at much discounted prices/free for new cutting edge raiding gear. If you are looking to raid a short raid week, with like - minded players who are dedicated to success, then <Solace> is the place for you


We are looking for PROGRESSION raiders. Please have a Minimum ILEVEL of 474 before applying. That is at a MINIMUM. thank you.

Current Recruitment needs for our 25 man roster:

We are currently accepting all applications for Mists. If you are exceptional , not listed below, and would like to have a Core spot in our 25 man raid for Mists, please apply.



Holy Paladin
Resto Druid

Melee DPS:

DPS Warrior

Contact us in-game, or our website at www.solace-guild.net

What do we expect?

- Progression-oriented. You focus on the bosses we have yet to kill, not bosses we have killed but have not gotten the cute achievements for.
- Experience and skill. You have good knowledge of your class and research your own class/spec in order to perform at the highest level possible, even on your worst of days.
- Gear. You have all your gear enchanted, gemmed, and reforged optimally.
- Punctuality. You show up on raid days 10-15 minutes early to do your preparation so we can start on time and finish on time.
- Attendance. Required to maintain 90% attendance per month. We understand emergencies come up, but statistically the average adult will have 1 emergency a month, not per week. All raiding guild members are held to the same attendance standards.
- Communication. You are able to speak up loud and clear when the time calls for it.
- Consistency. You have a solid enough schedule that you can show up to all the raids and also a good enough connection that you can stay online for the full duration.
- Drive and dedication. You have the will to put in that extra attempt following an extremely close wipe.
- Tolerance and patience. You do not mind being switched in and out for fights for the better of the guild, such as for a better raid composition.
- Positive attitude. You are not easily demoralized and can handle long hours of progression and countless wipes. You also step up to your own mistakes (remember, logs do not lie).


Please direct all questions to the recruitment officers
Falux Real- ID beenatay@gmail.com Falux#1649 is battle tag
Pyrean Real-ID kyle.graves2009@yahoo.com
Reheated Real-ID nshubin26@gmail.com
Lustya Real-ID Lust#1571
Spartans real-ID bullardbrad@gmail.com

Apply today: www.solace-guild.net

Did you even read his post?

Did you even read his post?
You mean you should read something prior to ctrl+v? Blasphemy!
ya diffently wants me 2 run over an sign up

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