ALL the strangeness!!!!!

Mobile Bug Report
I usually do all my auction stuff from my cell phone at the end of a long and, let's call it productive day, of playing WoW. This post is about a couple of things I have obvserved ever since the patch occurred.

1) Anytime I go to the "Create" tab on my mobile armory and it is set to my main toon I apparently have no items in my bank or bags, none, nada, zip!!!! Now this was some what disconcerting the first time it happened to me and I flew out of bed and logged in on my computer terrified that somehow I had been robbed. Yet all my items were still exactly where I left them....

2) I purchased some tickets to ride that delightful carousel at the DMF, on both my main and my alt toon. Now, as I am able to "Create" auctions on my alt I went to do so and noted that apparently I now am in possession of something called "REUSE Monster - Fist, PVP 320 Copper Claw (left)" which is apparently an Item Level 1 item which is currently listed in the KJ AH for 9999g 99s 99c. The icon for this apparently super amazingly expensive item (of which I don't actually possess) is that of the 9 DMF ride tickets...

I wont even include the fact that I am unable to log into guild chat, I rarely use it to talk to people anyways, added to which several people have lamented that fact anyways.

**Edit: I should further add that I did uninstall and then re-install the armory app to my cell phone in the hope that would fix the issues but alas, it did not change anything at all. Neither did a full reboot of my phone.
So it went from this to being told mt account is banned whenever I try to use the armory app, yet I am not banned ingame...

ALL the strangeness for sure now.
Both of these issues are being worked on.

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