RBG Guild Remember, LFM for core group.

We are a brand new pvp guild, the guild was created by a few players who believed that many guilds arent really selective enough, and we're interested in getting a very small and tight knit RBG team together, the end pop of the guild until we start are second team should be limited to about 25. We dont care about your CR, we'll fix that pretty easily if its low, just be a good player, be able and willing to learn, and be ready to learn to work with the team and help build it.

As of now our FC, Warrior, and Hpal slots are full for our starting core group.
But we would welcome another hpal and FC as a sub, pref if they are flexible as ret or arms/prot war and geared for both.

we are looking for ...
1. frost mage
1. mistweaver
1. rsham
1. rogue
2.DRUIDS boomy/rdruid and a feral/guardian FC (any combination of specs is fine though we do already have a resto)
1. Frost DK(be COMPETENT AND ABLE TO TC)(be able to play unholy as well)
1. Shadow Priest (be flexible know how to play disc)
1. ele sham
1. hunter

(these slots are priority after these are filled we will be excepting seconds, the core spot per class/spec/role will go to the best player, if you are near in skill the one who joined first will have priority, but you will be rotated if you both show up to run)

We are particularly interested in a warlock (running double lock) and an rdruid(please have a boomy spec as well).

If your interested reply in the thread bellow or PM Shîvah, Brotux, or Oneshotted. Please include your class, spec, and if its a PM (obviously dont wana throw it up there) your skype or how to reach you.

If you decide to join we expect you to be committed and conduct yourself in a mature manner.

Add me and whisper me anytime in game for additional information on this.
Resto Shaman interested.
You are horde, hit me up on alliance if you choose to switch or if you have an alliance toon to do it with.
I like what I hear. Looking to transfer to Darkspear with a buddy who's a Ret Pally so we can get engaged with a more active PvP community. Will look you up.
why would the dk play unholy?
2K exp. Rogue Interested in your RBG team.
Arms war looking to join

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