A Brawler's Day

I just wanted to share a day this last weekend.

I started out having a desire to try out the Brawler's Guild. The options were quite obvious.

1) Buy an Invite
2) Farm one
3) Get an invite from another Brawler

Gold was too short to buy one and I didn't forsee a gift at this stage of the game.

Sooo, a farming, here we go. The three Elites that drop the Blood-Soaked Invitation

Kar Warmaker <Champion of Arms>
Muerta <Champion of the Light>
Ubunti the Shade <Champion of the Shadows>

were heavily farmed but early in the morning it wasn't to bad. I met a few ppl who in the sense of cooperation decided to help each other and just roll need on the invitation if one were to drop. Ppl came and left and I found myself alone...

After killing these guys for a while (I'm leaving a lot out for expedience sake) Muerta was kind enough to drop one.

Off to the Tramm in SW to see what a hunter can do.

Walking into this place with a sense of forboding... I didn't know how tough these guys were going to be.

Luckly enough, a raid group invited me in to share a few buff's and a cookie or three which seemed to help.

I talked to the bouncer and scheduled my first fight. The wait wasn't to bad. No more than a couple minutes and I was in the arena with a very large croc looking at me as dinner.

The next fights went by pretty quick. I didn't see any CRZ influence at all. The ppl there weren't judging you but were there to help. The cooperation and camaraderie were self evident.

I don't mean to be a spoiler...That's not my intention. But it was a fine day in the world of warcraft, and Blizzard you did a good thing.

Thanks for your time

Grats on getting your invite to drop! I hope you enjoy your new challenge as you progress up into rank. :D
10/10 would WoW it up with you.
This was cute

write more about your WoW adventures please
cheap and easy way to do it is to go to a low pop realm sell a rare pet (since theyre account shared) for about 2k if you have one. have someone fly you to black market and bid. i bought mine on ursin since i had an old alt there with gold too. no one is bidding on them. i dropped about 2k on mine to be sure I'd win. I'm glad Blizz made brawlers guild an account wide thing too
Brawl'gar has actually had a very positive public atmosphere. It's really nice to have people who actually cheer you on and help on bosses.

That being said, Rank 8 fights are actually quite challenging and I keep getting turned into ground meat D:
Gantize, have you fought two bosses at once yet? That bug is quite funny when it appears, and I find it fun to fight two at once. :D

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