Error #107 please help!

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Hello! I have tried putting in a ticket but no help there.

I have reinstalled my wow, tried other people's computers, nothing. I can't access this account but I can access my other accounts.

I have reset my password, but even if I reset that it will come up with a #104 error (wrong details) in WoW unless I use my old password - website will use the new password.

If I remove my authenticator, when I try and log on it will still show up there. Tried removing and adding it numerous times - nothing.

Please, help! I have tried everything, and contacting blizzard isn't doing anything :(

It isn't the wrong client because I just got d/c'ed randomly while playing and when trying to log in again it gave me this error - without quitting wow.

please help
i removed my authenticator and tried to log in:

Try the issue again. See if you can log in now.
Thank you!
I have error 107 and i have any account with charter higher then level 10 so as you can see
<======== so can you plz link it back up somehow
i keep getting error #107 when i try log in, could you please help?

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