Game freezes after Character Selection

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I am having problems loading WoW - every time I try to start the game, and after character selection, the game load freezes. This is around 25% into the load sequence. I have left if for over an hour at least once, but the load bar fails to move at all every time I try.

Have restarted the system and tried everything short of deleting the installation and trying a re-install.

Any suggestions please?

Move the WTF and interface folders to your desktop and try again. What you are describing very much sounds like an addon issue.

Also try different characters and see if any of them are able to log on.
Discobob - thanks for the advice. I did as suggested but no luck. I then removed all of my addons and this did the trick. One of my addons was obviously causing it to freeze. I could have been more systematic and disabled them one-by-one however having tried to logon now for 5 hours I ran out of

Thanks for the quick response - you were a great help.

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