[H] Returning Warrior LFGuild

Returning player. Transferred to Hyjal in late WotLK, was part of Skeleton Crew's early Cata push but quit game mid-way through Tier 11. I've raided as both Prot and Fury (including healing on alts), with experience as far back as SSC in BC and upwards.

Looking for an active guild with members who are like minded as myself in hunting for achievements, grinding rep, farming old content, things along those lines, as well as the current stuff. Can be a raiding guild or casual guild, but I'm not interested in raiding full time again, am looking to play casually and happy to pitch in where needed to help out the guild and it's guildies.

I'm easy going, approachable, versatile and happy to socialize.

Battletag: Viggo#1667
If you are still looking for a guild, we are looking for more "casuals." We do alt runs on Saturday nights for those who just want to raid for fun, if you were interested! :)

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