Mage looking for a raiding guild.

Hello well the topic pretty much says it all.

I been on lightbringer for longer then I can remember. I was an officer in Risen Anarchy some time ago before I took an almost 3 year break from wow. Right after wrath came out ive been a avid raider since vanilla and its what I enjoy. Minus my 3 year break and missing most of the cata raiding im looking to get back into it.

So gnome mage Item level 471 looking for a new home. I would really love to get on board with a 25 man raid team but even if its 10man with plans on gearing recruiting to move into the 25 man stuff that would work as well.

Feel free to hit me up in game as lightbringer has kinda become a bit foreign to me I really have no idea what guilds are aiming for 25 which ones are staying 10 etc

Raiding times are pretty open for me so im Flexible
Please seek contact with me in-game.

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