[H] Recruiting for RBGs

Untitled Finale is looking for more to fill our RBG roster. We are currently at 1750 MMR. The guild has numerous 2k+ CR/experienced players.

We run regularly on Mondays/Tuesdays (11pm server), Thursday and Friday 11pm server.

Particular need for healers and casters w/good CC. Whisper Harakhte/post in here if interested. For the right players, CR will not be an issue.

Dire need for good mages!

***** We are also starting up a second low MMR group. Looking for everything! ******
Second group is running Saturday and Sunday 11pm server and Wednesday 10pm server.
Consider taking xrealm players?
We do when we need to. Prefer to have a guild roster though.
Bump. Still looking for good players for RBGs.
I'm interested haven't really got into rbgs yet but I can listen and am on quite frequently. I would love to join if you guys have room.
Hit me up in game Tribute. I'd be willing to give you a shot. I've no issues with getting you up in rating if you're a capable cc'er.
I can be reached on Harakhte or my alt Anentet.
Bump. Still looking for more RBG players!
Talk to me in game, Frost/Fire mage
or add me IG3T#1519
Still recruiting for RBGs. Heavy need for locks, MW monk and Rshams.
11/26/2012 07:25 PMPosted by Harakhte
Still recruiting for RBGs. Heavy need for locks, MW monk and Rshams.

I'll level this lock, just for you.
Still seeking players for RBGs.
Sent you an in-game mail. I am looking to server transfer if I can find a good fit. What timezone is Illidan?

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