[H] Recruiting for RBGs

As a healer, I'm quite interested in doing RBGs. I'll shoot an ingame whisper/mail when I get back home in a few hours.

@Thanory, Illidan is in the CST (central) timezone area. So one hour behind EST and two ahead of PST.
Thanory, I got your message and now I know why I couldn't armory you. =) Expect a reply when I get home tonight from work.
Bump. Still looking for good players. A prot warrior and hunter are needed as well.
Still looking for good RBG players. All pvp-minded people welcome. Specific need for heals, prot warrior and ranged CC classes (i.e. lock/mage).
Bump for awesome!
Still looking for more!
Bump, still looking for more RBG players.
Just moved to this realm to PVP. Send me a request
Still looking for more RBGers.
Hmu in game Troydan.
I was gonna write something clever here for a free bump, but instead...

I feel like I should let everyone know about the amount of hazing that goes on in this guild. It's all in good fun, ladies and gentlemen, so don't let it get to you.

In other words, those without thick skin.. move along.

Bump. Strong need for a mage.
Updated RBG times and needs on OP.

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