[H] 10-man recruiting fresh 90s

Hi everyone,

Guild Details:
*Fresh guild formed with some friend's and family looking to expand into 10man raid content.
** Personal Ventrilo Server
***Raid times currently set to Friday & Saturday (AUS TZ//realm time) at 7pm. This may
change based on overall vote.
****Perfect place to start for fresh 90's

We are starting to form teams and are looking for keen candidates to join the ranks, if you're a fresh 90 starting to get pre-gear raid items then this is the perfect place to start.

This is all about having a start in raid content, once the teams are formed we can begin our raids with Mogu'shan Vaults. This guild is all about learning and progressing together so don't expect to be slapped across the cheek.

Now is the time to join, if you're a fresh 90 and are looking for a start in raiding content PST/mail me in game.

Thanks everyone!
I'm looking for a 10man team
I'm keen :)

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