what can this card run wow on

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I have dual GTX 580 and I can run at ultra setting but I still get occasional slowdown during heavy boss encounter at max setting.

I use Logitech G15 to show many things and when I set to display the CPU and GPU usage, 2 CPU cores are maxed but maybe 10% of GPU is being used for WoW.

Keep in mind that WoW is based on 8 year old spaghetti code that were originally optimized to run on CPU more than GPU. Back then, some of the top GPU were a mere 256MB 128bit on AGP slot. The core code has not been fully redone to take advantage of modern technology, which is why WoW never takes full advantage of your newest top of the line $1,000 video cards. Other games that are coded recently will work far better with superior GPU and decent CPU. WoW still works better on superior (and especially well overclocked) CPU and a 4 year old video card.

Quoting for truth so OP can ignore the other arguments about 'lol this game has graphics so y u talk about cpu lol'.

@OP, my current graphics card puts up benchmark results that are less than 10% higher than the one you posted and I run everything on full ultra just fine. But as stated, if your CPU is garbage the best GPU in the world can only do so much.
Check the tech threads re: NVidia equipment. I have a 1 year old computer with nothing but problems because of the video card.

I would strongly recommend ATI until Blizzard and Nvidia get on the same page.
I've got an i7-3635qm, 8gb ram, and the 1gb ddr5 gt40m and I'm getting 20fps with absolute max settings at 1600x900 (8xMS). With shadows and water detail down to low and all else the same, its stable at 27fps.

Dropping those settings down to the high preset with shadow and liquid set to fair and (1xMS) resulted in a comfortable 47fps.

Moral of the story, you can run the game fairly well at high settings with shadow, liquid, and multi-sampling set low.

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