Does oQueue really work?

I heard of this new addon for premade battlegrounds: oQueue. It is found at the website:

Has anyone used this addon???
Does it work?
Has it made you battleground a lot less stressful?
Yes it works fine. A little buggy but an outstanding addon. Yes it has made the BG experience much better... instead of 80-90% of my group fighting in mid & making no attempt to win the match now 80-90% are competent & desire to win.
Ive used it a few times. Its pretty nifty when you have a decent amount of premades showing.
I'm definitely going to download this add-on when I get a functional computer.
Yep. Met a lot of interesting players. Most seem objective/achievement orientated, and are relaxed. It's nice.
This is realllly weird.. I totally just posted here. Diablo ate my post.
*edit* It's fixed now. o.O
Has worked well for me — nothing happened the first few hours (you need to be Find Meshing while there are a decent number of other people on and running the mod, and I wasn't) but once I got hooked up with enough other players it has worked great.

Typically the number of groups around seems to be less for Alliance than (I hear) for Horde, but I think that will change as word spreads. FWIW a little while ago I saw 6 premades going, including at least one for RBGs and one for 85-89.
only bad thing is the downtime between the queues

but there's nothing you can really do about that

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