Please help me out! Wanting some new stuff.

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Hello, i'm currently on the search for some stuff i may be interested in purchasing. Currently i have a Radeon 6870 and i'm looking for something to Run with it to improve my Gameplay settings. If anyone has any suggestions on any video cards that would be amazing, Also i'm wanting to start streaming, So if that makes a difference. But, also looking into a new Keyboard, I'm looking into a Razer Anasi, So if anyone happens to has that and has some feedback on it, would be much appreciated. Thanks to anyone that helps out.
what is your CPU
its Custom Built, no specific name
Download CPU-Z and run it, it will tell you what CPU, motherboard you are using.

Reason I ask this is, is because Radeon HD 6870 is actually more than enough to give you good WoW experience.

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