Donkey Kong Country: Some Unfortunate Events

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Shortly after the Donkey Kong Country series was pulled from the Wii's Virtual Console service this month, my Gameboy version of DKC II finally failed: the cartridge no longer holds a save, randomly erasing the file if the system is powered down for any length of time.

This leaves me without any means of quenching my hunger for banana-hording monkeys.
My soul is peeled, my heart is rotten.

If you feel the same way, please drop a line to Nintendo at this link, and ask for a re-release of the DKC series for GB/gba on 3ds virtual console, or for the SNES version on the Wii:

^ Sounds like your cartridge just needs a new battery. The old NES, SNES, and Gameboy cartridges have batteries inside them because they need to keep save files alive in active memory with an electrical charge, same concept as RAM in a desktop PC. They didn't have flash memory like modern day USB memory sticks do.

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