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Hi there,

i just purchased this computer from the cyber monday sales. I was looking for a new computer and something cheap that i can expand on too. The time was running short and i just decided to go ahead with and buy it and decide later on to return it or keep it.

would love some feedback, and also would like to know if i can easily put in a new video card.

(kinda a noob at computer hardware)
Well, you have a PCI-Express slot, but that's a 300W PSU. I don't know what quality iBuyPower gets, but that's below the recommended minimum for a lot of cards, even the low-power ones.

Even the 6670's and 7750's recommend a 400W PSU.

You could upgrade that as well though, for a relatively low margin. That would also open up a range of different Graphics cards, though not to the top end since your CPU is still a budget one.
Yes, he could take a gamble on it being enough. I had meant to expand further, must have edited it out and not gone back onto it.

It's a choice, either go budget and stick with what you have, or invest a bit more and get more certainty and more of a return.

Obviously it depends on your desired investment and returns.
hey thanks for the replys.

i decided to cancel that order and instead purchase

the psu is still 300w but ill probably end up replacing it when i get more money to buy a better graphics card aswell
The Intel machine + 7750 would be better, but given it's actually $423 shipped vs. the AMD's $480 and the AMD gives you the video card plus a 1tb hd instead of 500gb...yeah I guess it's not a bad choice.

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