Thinking of xfering.

Hey guys/gal,

SO Im considering a realm transfer, duh! But Id love feedback about your realm and the guilds there. Ive been doing some research and see Arathian Knights is top dog. So if anyone from there could leave a comment or something. Im looking for a new home....I love raiding and have a fun and easy going personality that will fit in great anywhere. I bust my butt to help out in any way that I can. Just want to know that the transfer will be worth it. So anything feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much
You're not Horde so you are not wanted.
...Arathian Knights is top dog. So if anyone from there could leave a comment or something...

Thats def not how top dog guilds recruit lol. You dont post here asking them to come to you.

We dont need any ally transfers to this realm.
Paging Kadowe...
Whatever happened to the standard:

___ Horde
___ T!t$
___ GTFO

My vote is for the 1st option.

EDIT: Interesting what words are censored on these forums!
Horde so mad
Makes me so sad
But as an alliance be glad
All Tol'Barads and PvE progression are yours to be had!

Not trying to be mean, but you do know that Arathian Knights is 11/16H right? And you are only 1/16n. That's a pretty big raid experience gap. However this is still a great server and there are plenty of guilds on this server that are around your progression level that I'm sure would be happy for you to join them.
12/01/2012 12:32 AMPosted by Gærscore
Like RISB?

RISB is 11/16 normal mode.
Can't be mad at the OP for wanting an opinion of how the server is from the #1 guild.

Last time I checked the OP didn't say they were applying for AK now did they :)

But Cenarius is a great server with plenty of guilds that you could further your progression in. Come on over :P
Good thing I keep my pager on me at all times Qube. I'm not really sure what type of comment you are looking for but I'll leave one anyways. AK is currently pretty set in our roster. We have a strong 12 and do not recruit for a bench position. However any strong applicant is encouraged to apply and we will look at it, however as I stated we are pretty set with 12. Cenarius as a server is decent people are on at pretty much all hours but as for late night guilds I'm not really sure.

As for other guilds that you might consider joining for raiding, Annihilus is a good guild fun group of people but I'm not sure their recruitment needs, maybe Qube can shed some light. Death By Design is also a good guild if you have ever considered going horde, Raffi is their GM and I'm sure he would love to talk with you. As for other guilds I'm not exactly sure what you are looking for in terms of a hardcore/casual play style.

PVP guilds are on the server as well, I believe Made In China does an RBG group if not daily, fairly often. Ainna would be the one to talk to about that guild.

Other than that again I'm not really sure what exactly you are looking for as I'm not the person to ask about the server's economy or anything like that. As for server trolls there's people on every server that do a little trolling but there aren't really any good, standout, trolls on this server.
There's quite a few raiding guilds on the server that have enough choice in raid times that you could apply. However pugging is a different story. If you don't make the smallish window on Tuesday night good luck trying to find a group being put together that can fill. Used to be easy to get a pug group together but now it's becoming more difficult. Having spent an hour last night in trade chat looking for dps for Msv (yes dps) I gave up and we just did transmog runs =\
necro much
I say you join this realm if you are looking for good people such as myself to talk to,if you are looking to raid pugs the server is a fail now days for that the people hacking systems using vent as the primary identification tool have ruined pugs for many, if you ask me lfr's should include 10 man normal and h-modes.

Most of the guilds are full when it comes to raiding sure you see a few lfm for msv and such but vent is required and sure you can join those groups but do you really want to take the chance of being data mined by hackers these that use vent to hack your pc?

with all the internet fraud going on i would not be surprised if a large sum of it comes from wow vent hacks who are sneaking key loggers onto your pc through vent using spam to infiltrate your system then accessing not just wow accounts but bank accounts ect...

And most guilds will only run with you or take you in if they truly believe you have something to offer on cenarius of course none of them want to use team speak because then they could not hack your system and data mine you!!!

And Btw this game is not going to last much longer anyway maybe one more expansion blizzard kinda screwed the pooch and did not really think ahead in terms of scaling the game properly. unless they start scaling everything back down which is unlikely cause really people are critting on average for 700 k what are bosses hp going to be like in the next expansion 1 billion hp per boss with average dps crit for 7 million and beyond that expansion 100 billion hp see where the game is headed?

no one is going to enjoy critting for less than they can right now in further expansions thus scaling down will never work and they can not scale it up forever it is getting ridiculous already?

So on that note you just should stay whee you are because this game is destined to sink in the near future there is no avoiding it thanks to scaling. only the die hards will keep buying time twinks and all and that won't pay the overhead for blizzard in the long run which means they will shut er down.
anyways cheers and hope you enjoyed my post and may God Bless you with wisdom and happiness in the future :P:P

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