[H] <RoS> 12/12 ToT looking for healers

Riddle of Steel is currently recruiting two healers for our progressive 10 man ToT team. These are core spots and there will be no rotating out, so attendance is of the utmost importance. We raid Tuesday and Thursday nights, from 8:30-11:30 pm server time.

We were 16/16 HoF and ToES ("Ahead of the Curve" for Grand Empress Shek'zeer and the Sha of Fear) and are currently 12/12 for ToT ("Ahead of the Curve" for Lei Shen). We had a bit of a late start in T15, but with the addition of a few new healers, we plan on progressing through and working on heroics.

We would prefer a disc priest, resto druid or mistweaver monk for these two positions, and one of our ideal candidates would be able to dps when the situation calls for it.

A little bit about Riddle:
Many of our members have been playing and raiding together since vanilla and BC and heroic raided together throughout Wrath and Cataclysm. We have carried a few different guild tags and have raided across a handful of servers but when MoP was released we decided to regroup and reform in an attempt to find a new home. We landed on Turalyon, which has been awesome, but we are losing two of our core members (due to a move to Hawaii and an issue with the time zone difference) and are looking for the right folks with the right personality to fit in with our guild.

We have always believed that quality trumps quantity, so we do not insist on spending hours upon hours upon hours raiding each week. After all, we are all adults in this guild: we work, have families, and other interests outside of the game. But, we also believe in getting stuff done, so random AFKs, excessive chatter in mumble, people coming ill-prepared, etc is not tolerated. We ask that you are responsible and remember that there are nine other people who's time you are effecting when you show up to raid. How you act and play directly impacts them so make good choices and show respect to those around you.

What we are looking for:
Yes, healers are what we are looking for, but we believe that a good fit is more about the person, and not so much about the class. Personality clash has always been and will always be the number one issue between raid mates, in any guild. You will not find us tolerating a mouthy d-bag because he does awesome dps. You will also not find us carrying someone who really is in over their head because they are sweet and no one wants to hurt their feelings. It's a balancing act, but we have done it well in the past, and we intend to continue doing so, even if that means we have to recruit a bit longer to find the right person.

As I stated above, Riddle is a guild of adults. Most of us are between the ages of 25 and 35. Guild chat usually consists of talk about new movies, fantasy football, the craft beer we are trying for the first time, and how awesome the take out Chinese food I had for dinner was. We socialize on mumble, just for the heck of it, and it's rarely about WoW. We level alts, team up on dailies just cause it helps pass the otherwise boring time, run LFR each week, and farm transmorg gear when we are really bored. We are a small guild but we are active and friendly and it's easy to become part of the group. If you log in and say hello, people will respond. In fact, they might even ask how your day is going.

Good people can also make good players. And if you are both of those things, Riddle is interested in you.

You can visit our website at www.riddleofsteel-turalyon.guildlaunch.com or speak to me directly (battle.net tag is Dovorian20#1650) or any of our members if you have other questions.

PS: If you like all the things you read above and are looking for a new home, Riddle also accepts casual members who just wanna hang out. Whisper me in game for an invite!
I totally read that as quality humps quantity.
Ele Shaman interested in the guild. I'm at work now so I cannot log in to game.

I am over at your website right now, but thought I would drop a line here also - I can't seem to log into GL atm.

Your raid times are perfect for me. I have raid experience (10, 25, 40 some hard modes along the way incl "a tribute to skill" 10m at level) back to Vanilla. I have played the shaman as my main since cata. I am ele with a resto offspec. I work fulltime and can only raid two days a week but my attendance should be 90% +

I am obviously willing to faction change if you accept me. My only "small" catch is that I play with my GF and while she does not have to raid, I would want her to join the guild.

If you still have the spot and are around tonight, I can send an in game PM. Let me know on here or send me a tell later on in game.
Your girlfriend is welcome in the guild.

Still looking for quality folks. Get in touch with me in game if you have any questions or want to know more about the guild. :-)
/bumpity bump bump
Amazing what you can kill when you actually manage to raid for 2 nights in the same week for the first time in a month. >.<

Looking for one ranged dps!
Still looking for that one special ranged dpser!

Back from Christmas vacay so look me up in game if you have any questions.
I'll try to catch up to you all in-game. You've peeked my interest if you might be willing to accept a Boomkin.
pst Tynge or Sellys to inquire!
You just picked up our spriest Fetor. While it's upsetting to see her go, she's a good player that should serve you guys well. Hopefully you take her farther than we could.
Are you still looking for a ranged to fill the empty spot? I would be interested in applying if you are. Thanks!

Everything else is moving along but we need a new tank!

Please whisper me in game with any questions!

Looking for a new tank for ToT. Whisper me in game with any questions.

Thank you in advance!

Still looking for that special someone!

(aka non DK tank)


Still browsing for dps. Look me up in game if you have any questions. Thanks!
I have interest in this positon and would like to speak more.
Are you still looking for anything?

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