what happened to PreBurning Legion lore

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i was curious to why i can no longer find the lore of Warcraft before the Burning Legion first invaded as well as the lore about the world before the destruction of the well of eternity that used to be found in the game guide stories.
Everything is correct, with the exception of what has been changed.

The rest is stil considered cannon.

I think
thanks for the link.
11/27/2012 12:01 PMPosted by Egrem

I wonder if "Five old gods" is still cannon
12/04/2012 08:20 PMPosted by Searik
I wonder if "Five old gods" is still cannon


Seems to work.
Im betting one is buried somewhere in the Eastern Kingdoms.
People want it to be a pentagram, but one per continent makes more sense now.
I think they did specifically state that there was no old god buried in Tirisfal Glades, but something nasty was there.

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