Power Aura's Classic 5.1 update?

UI and Macro
Does anyone have any info on PA being updated for 5.1?

This is a real game changer here!

This addon is sooo critical towards efficient play, it's effectively breaking the game for us to lose it!
Any word on a patch/update for this?
Oh this is very bad. Frame rate goes from 98fps to 17fps w/ Power Auras On.
Might give weakauras a try if Power Auras is all busted up, switched to it last patch and haven't looked back (and it's been updated for 5.1).
Thanks for the reminder, Borck. My PA is so extensive, the conversion would be time intensive. I just can't believe we're all left holding the bag like this.

I'd pay to get an update!
It is up, check description on curse to get to it.
It looks like this addon is officially dead.
update now available but directly from the dev of /powa go to http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info21531.html
I have download the "new" power auras, it didnt works...

I have a question: when you say, update... how it is? because I went to my folder of addons, delete the power auras directory, and then, y put inside the new power auras, from your link...

but... it doesnt works, and my game when the addon si ON is very slow...

Any solution?

a friend of my download the same, and works perfectly...

( sorry my english )
thanks for this.

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