5.1 causing window resize to reload UI

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So another tip you can command tab back and forth between you applications without reloading your UI. It saved me from going completely insane waiting for another healer in LFR.
Sometimes I get a double reload. It's quite agitating. And I searched for this issue with no results, made my own thread (which apparently seems not to exist), then found this one. So I apologize in advance for a double thread.
Very Glad it's not just me here. Aaaaaaand now just waiting for the fix pls? Good tip on the command tab, the resizing wasn't working on mine. Also found using f3 (or fn + f3 if your buttons are swapped) is another way to get around it for now. Annoying, but it does the job.
Data point: Cmd-M toggling between full-screen and windowed mode has at least since 12/1/12 (but probably connected to patch 5.1) triggered a UI reload (it's as if the 2 commands were macroed together on Blizzard's end). I checked keybindings & did not find anything amiss. I have continued to see this annoying issue tonight as well, with a different character / different server. (It wouldn't be so bad to see the load screen if it was not for clearing the chat log each time as well.)

I am running Mac OS 10.8.2, on intel core i7 Macbook Pro.

I reported it last night in-game as a bug.
when exactly is this going to be fixed? its really annoying :/
I don't know an ETA, but it is on the table to fix.
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It's interesting. My client wasn't doing it before, but I installed ElvUI to try out healing, and started to get the bug. I do hope it's fixed fairly soon, but I understand that this sort of thing takes time.
This is occurring to me as of today.
I really hope this gets fixed soon. It's one of those minor annoyances that has grown near to causing tears of frustration here.
I think it's funny how I can put up with all the in game problems with balancing issues between classes pve and pvp related and the poor state Rogues are in. But this minor little bug actually makes my blood boil.

*snorts a mana crystal*
This has been happening to me ever since the 5.1 patch and it is incredibly annoying! I didn't mind the split second freeze I would suddenly get changing but the complete reload is just ridiculous! I accidentally did it the other day while I was dead in a raid and it made my release button disappear -.- Hopefully this gets fixed soon!
so it would be awesome if it was fixed soon. a great xmas present from blizzard to its mac users <3
This was *not* happening to me last night. (I.e. cmd-m went to a "big", widescreen window without a ui reload.)

Today when using cmd-m it goes to a non-widescreen window and causes a reload. However the size of the window *is* remembered!

Seems to me they caused one problem by fixing another, such is life.

EDIT: Workaround:
While windowed, go to video options and change you resolution to something else (mine said 1920x1200 wide even though I was windowed, so I chose the next smallest).
Change resolution back.
You should now be able to cmd-m back and forth.
However if you resize the window manually at any point, it will break again and cmd-m will force a reload.
EDIT 2: This last bit only happens if you resize the window small enough. Problem solved!

It looks like it is an issue with the game changing resolution, as opposed to windowed vs full screen mode. If I go to windowed mode, set resolution, then I can change back and forth no issues. If I then drag the window to resize, it happens, until I make both full screen and windowed mode same resolution again. (Sadly, my MBP cannot run smoothly in full Thunderbolt display resolution).
This just started happening to me. I usually play the game windowed and much to my surprise today that window was square. I cannot get it back to wide screen windowed and must play it in full screen to see have it widescreen. Plus I get the double ui reloads. Am I the only one late to this party? It seems to be a recent thing for me.
Changing the Window resolution from 2560x1440 to 2360x1326 and back again fixed it for me, at least for now. Thank you very much for the tip!
This too is happening to me.
Also late to 'the party' here, this just started happening to me last night, although last night was the first time in a LONG while that I dragged the corner of the Window'd pane to adjust its size. That seems to be what triggered it for me. And until Bliz resolves this, Xebeche's fix from Post #9 is a viable work-around.

BTW, for anyone trying that, I did hit Apply, not just change the resolution in the pull down and then select back to the prior one. Putting that out there since it wasn't 100% clear to me when I read through his post.

Also, after doing said work-around and then hitting Cmd+M a few times to verify if it worked as intended, I ONCE had the Load screen happen. I made the changes as described in Window'd mode, went into Full Screen mode just fine, went back to Window'd mode and got the loading screen, then popped back and forth between the two modes about 5 times each to verify there wouldn't be anymore. Hope this helps for others out there just encountering this! :)
Close the game completely before doing so.
Here's a solution.
Open up the "Computer" folder by clicking your desktop.
You'll see an option that says "GO" on type of the menu bar click it, then you'll see "Computer"
Once you click that the folder named "Users"
Then click "Shared"
You'll see some folders with blizz name on them, Delete all the folders that are related to WOW.
Please make sure the game is Closed.
Then go back to the "Computer" folder. Click "SYSTEM"
Then click "Library"
Click "Preference"
Anything that has world of warcraft, or Blizzard on them DELETE THEM.
Once you're done, make sure you empty the "Trash" completely.
Now restart the game by using "Wow Launcher".
Once you're logged in, click "ESC" Go to system.
Go to "Graphic"
Click "recommend" reset everything.
If it takes you to the windows screen go full screen shouldn't have any problem. If not reset it more than 3 times. I found the solution a while ago, I've been too lazy to post it.

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