Something (or someone) is killing my chickens

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I realize this isn't a game-breaking issue ... but it could imply a bigger issue.

I have spent a most of my time in my farm today (post-patch) and on numerous times, my white chickens just fall over dead -- squawking as if they are being attacked & then just dead. Can take them up to 1/2 hour to respawn. They seem to do it in succession sometimes .. ones closest in the farm die first, then it works its way out to near the mailbox.

My issue with this is -- could someone else on their farm be affecting the things on my farm? Could this be a phasing issue of some sort? Or could the new portal shard seed being causing it?

I have 1 portal shard seed, 1 jade squash seed, 7 songbells seeds, & 7 snakeroots seeds planted.

While typing this I had 3 chickens die .. btw, I have fully upgraded farm. Only things on farm besides myself (and NPCs) were my Wrathguard and Nomi.
Colonel Sanders maybe?
Mine actually looked like they were getting fried! Maybe there is a pun intended. Seems to happen closest to a portal shard. Poor little buggers.
the portals are choking them.
11/27/2012 08:45 PMPosted by Karisse
Mine actually looked like they were getting fried! Maybe there is a pun intended. Seems to happen closest to a portal shard. Poor little buggers.

This was happening my druid's farm. She has no portal seeds planted, only songbells.

I'm guessing maybe it's stray AoE from people fighting Virmen and Plainshawks?

Is today the day for Old Hillpaw's chicken quest for you guys? It is for me and when that quest is up, you can actually use the chickens on your farm for the quest, though you can't do anything with the Amorous Roosters as your little pond doesn't work for them.

Maybe it's someone clicking on the sparkle chickens and it's killing other people's chickens in the process. D:
I noticed one of mine dead yesterday and occasionally I am seeing a spawned and quick de-spawn of a Hozen or Kunzen sling flinger or whatever they're called on my farm. Ya know,blink and miss it kind of thing.

As for this portal seed guy I can only see him on one out of 5 of my lvl 90 toons that are in Pandaland.
Ok, just logged my DK to do her Tiller dailies and noticed something different.

Some of the chickens are labeled "Hillpaw's Chicken" and these cannot be attacked or harmed in any way. Previously, they all were like this.

Now, part of my chickens have been replaced with "White Chicken," which is a level five critter and is attackable. Mousing over them gives you the dagger pointer.

My suspicion is leaning now toward AoE's from other farms bleeding through and killing them. As I'm typing this, one of my level 5 White chickens just dropped dead. :( Poor chicken.

On and off today, I'm seeing other farmer's pets appearing on my farm, Death and decay, consecrate and various AoE healing spells appearing on the ground on my farm. Phasing issue, looks like.
Pinned it down.

It's the Pest Repeller killing the White chickens. >_<

Just witnessed it happen on this alt when I clicked the repeller to get rid of an infested crop.
Companion pets that attack critters randomly will also target those chickens. I noticed my Creepy Crate eating them at one point.
Saw a chicken die on my farm and looked at the combat log. Some Mage used a Frozen Orb on their instance of the farm and it killed a chicken in my instance.

Another one: A Priest using Mind Sear on their farm killed a chicken on mine.
I have a similar issue, I keep noticing a chicken corpse in the same spot daily. I sat and watched them for a while, thinking maybe Luna or Dog attack them, and the chicken randomly burst into flames and killed over, in the same location that I had seen previous chicken corpses. There was nothing in my combat log. It seems odd to me that my chicken dies in the same spot each time, so I hadn't thought about it being a phasing issue, however I have had Blingtron randomly show up on my farm so that is obviously not phased right!
I love this thread!
Just to let everyone know what's going on. There is only one farm on your server. All players share it though phasing. The chickens, piggies, Dog, Luna, sheep, etc. you see are the exact same ones everyone else sees. So, when a player kills a chicken on their farm it dies on every farm on the server, because there's only one chicken on only one farm.

The fix for this is simply to make the chickens on the farm friendly instead of neutral critters. I believe they were friendly at first and due to a bug were replaced with neutral White Chicken critters.

I'm hoping they give us back our friendly chickens sometime soon. Sick of all my chickens being dead all the time, or up and dying as soon as they respawn. I mean, it's not like they're pets we had to put in effort to unlock or anything >_<
i noticed killing virmen on my crops i accidentally aoe my chickens every once in awhile but yes it is weird one spot i always find a dead chicken. always same spot and ive even seen him croak from across the farm
This is still happening. I don't really appreciate having dead animals on my farm. The same white chicken dies over and over in the same spot, basically half way between the pen and the crops.
Unborn Val'kyr does a good job keeping the livestock fresh while plowing.
I will now start dropping Death and Decay while farming on my DK just to kill other people's chickens...

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