Heroic Vizier Bug Still Exists

Bug Report
During one of our wipes, the MCed players would not die. All of us could release, and the MCed players had to leave the raid group and get ported out of the raid instance in order to break the MC. Several of our raid members could not port back into the instance after the fight had ended. As of 12:15 EST, those people still cannot zone back into the instance. The people who can zone back into the instance die immediately, which means we have to grave yard rez.
I'm bugged. I get ported out when I try to enter. And if I form the raid, the bosses are still alive (i've resetted) and instantly kill anyone who zones.
Bump. Experiencing this right now.
Very common bug. Happened to us 4 times in 6 hours of raid time, spread across 2 days.
Detailing this at the request of the Customer Support Forums:

Okay, Vizier bugged and did Song of the Empress permanently. We disbanded the raid, Romo reformed it as leader, and everyone in the raid could get into the reset Heart of Fear just fine--EXCEPT me and Cyrise, who were not mind control targets during the bug. Me and Cyrise could enter the raid with Romo as lead, but we would enter a "weird" version of the raid where trash would be up, but trash would disappear 3~ secs after we zoned in, and then we'd get teleported to the nearest graveyard. Note that the loading screen of this particular instance had the "double loading bar" thing.

THEN, me and Cyrise dropped group, waited for 40+ minutes for the soft reset, and then we reformed our own raid group just to test. When we entered Heart of Fear at that point, we entered the version of the instance with Bugged Vizier still up, so we died instantly upon entering.

After that we logged out for like an hour, Romo invited us to the raid, and we could zone in without issue.

And the weird thing is that, yesterday, some people WERE unlocked from the bugged raid after 30 minutes, while some people were NOT. It's as if it takes longer for the soft reset to occur for some people. And I promise that they weren't zoning in early or anything like that; they were outside the whole time.
stop fixing pet battle bugs and fix real content
thanks for testing content pre-release. fix it.
stop fixing pet battle bugs and fix real content
We encountered this tonight as well; it was very frustrating to have to just stop while we were in a groove making progress. We ended up just swapping and clearing Terrace instead, but at some point we won't have that option. Just put a timer on the MC debuff or something, after which point the player breaks free or dies. You can even make it long, like 5 mins. Waiting 5 minutes is better than having to completely stop raid.

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