Ruins of Qgudei Dailies

I kill the nearby pair of moguls then go after the spirit trap. Immediately the spirits materialize and attack me and they keep coming; there seems to be an infinite number of them, then the nearby slaves become hostile and they start attacking me meanwhile the mogu I already killed respawn and they join in. Meanwhile Im trying to avoid standing in these blue circles cause its standard policy to NOT stand in stuff then the respawned moguls add in their earthquakes and the other one they do and...

This is too much; I die every time.
Went back in after this morning's restart, maybe some things were fixed.

Nope. You can keep your shield wall; no way in hell am I going through this crap everyday for three or so weeks. I might try and see if it goes a little better on my lock cause it was a disaster for my ret pally.
I was hoping for dynamic spawns but it would seem that they've populated the quarry with a high enough mob density to suit a serious population making off-peak a bit of a fustercluck. It feels slightly reminiscent of doing the netherwing mines on an undergeared alt but this time on steroids. Oh and your pet's thunderclap is a bit of a gamble, it's a good catch all for when they swarm you but if not careful it can also create a whole new swarm including pulling stuff through walls.
I went back in on my lock with his Void Lord tank...much better. He died only once while completeing all of the dailies except It's a Mystery, which will remain so as I found no anomaly to kill.
Yeah, The Spirit Trap is quite a punishing quest - insane volume of adds spawn very quickly - seems like a pretty random shot at downing the 1M+ hp the shards have before you get completely overwhelmed and just die - too many other trash mobs around to even bother trying to keep distance from the spawns. Less other trash to bother with during peak times since other people are killing them, but then it's nearly impossible to find a spirit shard to destroy as someone else already has it tagged (they don't share credit). Right now this quest seems pretty poorly designed - so few shards, high level of difficulty (not necessarily a bad thing, but you don't get many options to just try again when all the shards are constantly tagged), and way too many nearby mobs that hit hard and have a lot of hp.
It's a trap, they are two of them.

What happened to the boring quests philosophy? Way too much excitement down in that mine. The times are too interesting, like the place is cursed.
I can use Brewmaster to handle the quest with ease, I think other tanks also can. However, if I use dps spec, such as WW, it is really hard. So many mobs attack us at the same time. It is a tank quest, not dps quest.
I found the Golden Lotus ones a challenge when I first started and grouping up on them helped until they became easy solo. Same thing goes for these. Lots of people just starting them so inviting one more person doing them makes them ok again til I gear up some more.
That spirit trap quest is ridiculous, I won't even bother with dailies in there because of it. If I throw everything I have at them and I'm lucky I can kill one about 25% of the time.
12/28/2012 10:46 PMPosted by Sylara
That spirit trap quest is ridiculous, I won't even bother with dailies in there because of it. If I throw everything I have at them and I'm lucky I can kill one about 25% of the time.

Stealth into the mine.You should find a shard with a lot of water behind it.
Attack the shard for as long as you can and then retreat into the water.

The spirit spawns shouldnt follow you in to the water,so you can throw some ranged at the shard while you drink a heal then repeat and you should be able to complete this quest.

Thats the only way i was able to do it in the end and that was just in the last week couple of weeks

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