Hello Turalyon

Greetings from an exceptionally AFK hunter. Myself and a few guildies have recently moved here from Exodar, much like One Shot or DC did. Have not had the chance to spend much time socializing with you folks yet but so far I like what I have experienced.
Currently we plan to bring remainder of our guild lvl25 over and forming up a 10man guild with aims at the progression we repeatedly started and got hosed on in Exodar. As it stands we have our tanks covered, one priest healer and 3 ranged dps who are good to go. We're looking for 2 more healers and some more deeps.
Heals: ideally either monk or druid (no leather users in guild atm) pal or sham would be great as well.
Deeps: again no leather users so come n get it, we have an ele sham, mage, lock, and spriest so cloth is tight. We have no reliable hunter, and no hance sham.
Basically we are open to progression minded, reliable individuals who want to put in work, get it done, and screw around while doing it. Feel free to hit me in game, Warbey, Lawlzordz, Tarazine, or Lichbourne.
Thanks all and look forward to meeting more of you.
Not a single one, but our tanks are a pally and a DK. But MS is always > OS
Tkmt add me to your friends list and we'll see about getting you in with us
If you want to roll with us next Tuesday after the guild gets here we're going to raid, let one of us know if you'd like to join us
A big thumbs up to Warbey! Great dude. :)
Rwar Indeed
Cho, the king of AFKS ... and forgetting to have the proper pet in raids. :P
I do what I can and one thing I can do is, hold on AFK a min
still need dps?
Just throwing this out there but if you guys need a home, we really need to get our 2nd 10 man up and going. We have recently been badly depleted by serious burn out and would welcome new faces to bolster our ranks.

We've only been on Turalyon for about a year but are a 3 year old guild with a history of success in 25 and 10 man progression raiding (we were the 2nd ranked 25 man until burnout crept in mid-october, we then had to settle for 2nd ranked 10 man until more burn out ravaged us recently). At this point we're probably a week away from returning to full on heroic progression which means we'll probably slip to the 4-6 range before we're done. Respectable but not quite at our previous level.

I do have several displaced raiders and a guild full of non-raiders as well who like to help out when they can. Consider it.

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