Lowbie help

ok what I mean by lowbie iswell, my current level, I just hit 30. I know at this oint it's just about grinding out to get to 90. But since quite bit of timeis spent leveling I'm wondering what free guides you all reccomend? Are there any resources that will tell me what gear drops in what lowbie dungeon so I can get some decent stuff to help the grind? that sort of info...All the guides I seem to find with my google-fu are designed for end game stuff.
Atlasloot works for the low level loot tables. I browse it while flying on windriders or whatnot. Ive found that questing is faster than doing dungeons for the most part, even with fast queues as a tank. Other than that i cant really help. So far Ive just been questing in one area until i get sick of it and thwn move on to the next.
Thanks for the heads up Peregryne!

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