5.1 Changes and the end of the world

An aura gets nerfed, and our chaos bolt boom is no longer as boomy as it used to be. Warlocks are no longer viable.

This is where a sarcasm tag would be handy. I would like to discuss mainly the good changes players have seen with the patch, and negative feedback as well as long as it is not QQy.

Dark soul no longer dispelable. Our burst is thus consistent and much longer than it was before.

Unending resolve and Dark Bargain are both castable during CC. This makes our survivability in stuns better.

Kil'jaeden's Cunning buffed. The movement decrease is noticeable albeit it is not terrible. Using this glyph as affliction and destro is interesting in RBGs, and I imagine it will be too in arena. The ability to cast and then move in and out of LOS is a powerful new tool.

Loss of rain of fire stun is sad, but probably warranted. The buff to our ember generation is grand, and it is noticeable even for those of us who were trying to keep our immolates up.

Cooldown of Grimoire of Sacrifice is lowered to 30 seconds. This may be just a quality of life change for most destro locks who were using it full time. For demo and those of us who were using this while using a pet, this gives us more opportunities of saccing pets for windows of burst, and then resummoning pets.

Demonic Gateway change is a hidden favorite for me. I honestly had some people who just hated this ability because they could not adjust to watching out for it. Now, with it having to be clicked (as well as its range change), I have no fear of putting this portal up.

So while an aura nerf and chaos bolt nerf sucked, I think we came out on top here.
I noticed the dark soul change earlier, and I was pretty happy. I was getting kind of tired of mages stealing my powerful offensive cooldown. On the other hand, I'm still holding out for an Affliction self healing buff.
I checked on live and when I used my Aura in DA form, it was 20% still.
From a destro perspective I am trying to figure out how to change my normal casting patterns to deal with the extra ember generation...they are coming so much faster that I find myself capping if I am not paying attention. Definitely an improvement there.
F&B and Flames of Xorth are still available during some CCs, not all of them but they seem to still be useable during a few of them haven't been paying enough attention to make of list of which ones during the massive amounts of CC spam I'm getting.

Gateway lasts even after you die which I think is a handy buff.

and I gotta say once I start rolling the RoF and F&B the embers are pretty much constant now. As long as the other side ignores me I can AOE the whole day long.
Dark soul change <<<<<<<<<<<<<< all the nerfs we could've gotten really..

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