(A) Centurion Knights~ Recruiting 10 man

Centurion Knights have had a change of direction and are no longer a 25 man raid guild for the time being and have reverted to running 2 x 10 man raids. For the 1st time in our long history we had a number of people leave and form their own 10 man guild, leaving us short on numbers with regards to running a 25 man. However we are still here and rebuilding. We have been on Frostmourne now for 5 years and on the US Crushridge server for 2 years prior to that.

We recommenced raiding last week with a successful clear of MSV and are looking to progress further this week. We are currently looking for core raiders for both our 10 man groups. We are looking for mature, skilled players who have a good raid ethic. Our focus is on efficient but fun raiding.

Blue group:

Raid times: Wed /Thur/Sun 8.30 – 11.30
Currently 6/6 in 1st week of raiding:

Current needs:

Hunter or Boomkin
DPS warrior or pally

Red Group:

Raid times : Friday / Monday 10.00pm – 1.00am (times will change back 1 hour when daylight savings ends.)

New group beginning this week. The majority of raiders are long term mature players who have been part of our core 25 man group for a very long time, up to 5 years in some cases. The raid times have been structure to suit those who are affected by not having daylight savings and those not living on the east coast. This group will have a mature but fun approach and whilst casual in nature we intend to get things done.

Current needs:

Plate wearing tank
Mage or Boomkin or Shadow Priest
Death Knight DPS.

In addition we run RBGs and Arena teams and we are more than happy to take on mature minded people who just want to be part of a long term stable guild.

For applications or more information either visit www.centurionknights.guildomatic .com or pst Twoeagles or Missey in game

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