(Temporary) Hero of Shat?

Not sure what caused this, but a random scenario (in my case A Brewing Storm) made me a temporary Hero of Shat. Zoned in and received the FoS; zoned out and found it removed from the achievement page.

Anyone else have this happen?

On a similar note, any other achievements being buggy so far?
I've had guildies get achievements that didn't make any sense given the current circumstances they were in.

Exemple: Naxx 10 and 25 at the same time + killing all the horde pvp leaders.
So I just signed on after the rolling restarts today and got the Hero of Shattrath Achievement. Very odd.
So, it appears that I still have the FoS after all. It changed the date to some time in 2010 for some reason. Truly a baffling bug...
I wonder if it's bugged and counting Rep across characters?

I know I have exalted on Aldor on some, exalted on Scryers on others and I got the achievement from the bug.

Though that wouldn't explain Naxx, which I already had.

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