30 seconds to build demonic fury ?

after using demonic fury in meta or dark apo and going below 200 DF via combat, it takes a full 30 seconds AFTER leaving combat before it starts to regenerate, but when going from regular demo to dark apo ( which uses 100 DF ), it starts re-filling instantly. seems to me like it should be the same for both. i dont rem if was like that pre-patch or its some new bug.
If you're swapping out of combat, it's because the OOC timer has already expired and you get the refund immediately since you're out of combat. you don't get the instant refund while in combat, you'll find.
no, not swapping. at training dummies using up demonic fury while in dark apo til below 200, then leaving combat. it then takes 30 secs til demonic fury starts regenerating. thats way too long in my opinion. it should start recovering as soon as you leave combat.

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