[A] LFM Friday night MSV 10m - cancelled

Hello Alliance,

We're looking for a tank, healer and possibly a melee dps for MSV 10-man this Friday 7.30pm. If you're interested, please whisper me ingame or leave a comment below.

Since our guild had a few no shows and players going inactive, we were forced into pugging and bringing undergeared / casual guildies to our raids. While we're having fun and are not afraid of wiping, it hasn't done us any good in terms of progression... 4 of us are now looking to finally get some progression going. Hence we've set up a semi-guild / friends / pug run for Friday at 7.30pm (server = PST) and I'm looking to fill those last spots.

What do we still need? A tank, a healer and possibly a melee dps.

So far we have: Resto shaman, Resto druid, BM hunter, Shadow priest, Destro lock and a Prot pally. I'm awaiting signups from a frost/fire mage and an ele shaman, but we could use a melee class as well.

This run will be a try-out. I understand that doesn't sound very appealing, since we don't have the reputation of a raiding guild, neither do we have any progression... So all I'm asking for is mature people, looking to raid, having proper gear & enhancements and that you've at least seen the fights in LFR. We're aiming for 2/6, with a possible continuation on Monday if the group is good.

Thanks for reading this thread and I hope to hear from any good players out there, experienced or not.


Ps. We're still looking to recruit a few more dedicated raiders to the guild as well, so this is a good opportunity to get to know us a little :-)
Thanks, I didn't expect it to be so hard. I really appreciate the offer :-) I was able to add a frost DK and a Fire mage to the team.

Got 8 reliable sign ups so far, just need a tank and healer now. Can't be that hard ;-) (I don't wanna trade one of our good DPS for off-spec healing... but if I have to, I would need another ranged instead).

Any class would be fine honestly and I would be happy to take anyone with an itemlevel over 465, gemmed & enchanted (ofc), even if you've never done normal mode and only have LFR experience. As long as you know the boss abilities.

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