Does gear upgrade give you more ilvl?

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Just when the gear upgrade came out in 5.1 i upgraded my shield twice, bringing it from 489 to 497, and my item level didn't go up at all, i then got new gloves ilvl 496 and upgraded them twice to 504, and i think my ilvl went up just by one (I'm not exactly sure for this one because i wasn't exaclty paying attention).

If my items level goes up with upgrade (by 8!) shouldn't my overall ilvl go up?

Is there a different way that ilvl is measured when it comes to upgrading or does it not change at all when you upgrade?
Also I must add, on my profile it says my equipped ilvl is 476, when in game it says its 477.
It should but the change might not be that significant with only 1 or 2 upgrades. You have 15/16 slots that hold items with ilvl (depending on whether 1x 2h weapon or a weapon and an offhand) so with a +8 ilvl bonus you will need to upgrade 2 items to get the +1 to your average ilvl you mentioned.
How do i upgrade gear? Im just back after 2 yrs away and totally lost on this new ilvl upgrading
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How do i upgrade gear? Im just back after 2 yrs away and totally lost on this new ilvl upgrading

First you earn Valor points, then you should be able to go to Orgrimmar, and as you enter The Drag from the Valley of Strength on the right hand side will be purple flashy signs. Go into that building and there should be an Item Upgrade vendor. Drag your gear into his slot and pay the required currency.

I believe you can use JP/Honor/Conquest to upgrade gear too, but so far I have only used Valor.
Apparently it's a bug and will be hot fixed. Upgrading your gear should raise your ilvl AFAIK.
Dont forget that your item level is an AVERAGE score.
It would be totally possible to change one piece out that is up to 7 or 8 Item levels higher and not have your overall item level change.
If you had 14 items at item level 450 and one at 442, your ilevel would be 449

If you still had 14 items at ilevel 450.. and you upgrade your 442 to 449, your ilevel would STILL be 449.

The higher your item score, the larger the change required to see a change.

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