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I recently transmogged my current gear while I was reforging and, while the item tooltips are showing them transmogged and reforged, the character model in the Armory is not showing the transmogged models. I have tried logging in and out and it still is not updating. Is this a known bug being worked, or is something on my account borked? Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

I have the same problem, I even gave my orc a haircut and that won't even show
Looks like my model finally updated. Not sure if something was up (as it was like it was for 2 days) or someone fixed it. If someone did fix it, then thanks!
I have the same problem now. I've been wearing my new transmog for the third day now, and armory has the correct item its transmogged into, but its showing what it used to be transmogged as. I really don't want to have to spend more gold to untransmog and remog it JUST to show my new green set on my armory profile. Been logging and unlogging from wow and forums for last 2 days at least. I updated my transmog the day i got my pvp dagger to match the set i had waiting lol.

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