Tiller bug-Removal of weeds and mossy boulder

Bug Report
On my druid I have the full farm. Removals and fixing the wagon took about 15 minutes..mossy boulder may of took an hour. So i'm thinking these are bugs on my other two toons.....

On my priest we have been removing weeds..first upgrade. has been removing weeds for two days.

On my lock we've been removing a mossy boulder for 1 full day.
On the one that had weeds I was there while cooking and making dinner. Made my daily cloth and well...I was unable to stay up for hours. I'm pretty sure it's glitched. I have not had the problem prior to the patch. Four toons at 90. 2 which had upgrades prior to patch..the lock that is now on the mossy boulder and my druid for the whole thing. I have also tried leaving the area and then returning. Leaving and returning and staying for over 15 minutes. Leaving and logging out for many hours and then returning.... shrug
I'd perhaps try clearing your WoW cache files while the game is shut down. Sometimes corrupted files can do strange things to the game. :)

As for it being bugged, I don't think so. I just did the boulder clear on my DK last night and it went off without a hitch.

I didn't even stick around for the timer. I logged and did some leveling on my monk. When I logged her on this morning, it was all done and the rock was gone.
Ya, I think it was cache. Cleared it and got both upgrades. Ty all
I just started the mossy boulder quest. make sure you're not in a party at all. He will call thunder to headbutt the boulder out. just sit in the farm for 15 minutes and gg. plot will be cleared.
You are ported to a different instance whenever you enter your Farm plot area. i just stayed put on my farm for 15 minutes and went afk.

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